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**  This file is part of Vidalia, and is subject to the license terms in the
**  LICENSE file, found in the top level directory of this distribution. If 
**  you did not receive the LICENSE file with this file, you may obtain it
**  from the Vidalia source package distributed by the Vidalia Project at
**  http://www.vidalia-project.net/. No part of Vidalia, including this file,
**  may be copied, modified, propagated, or distributed except according to
**  the terms described in the LICENSE file.

** \file torservice.h
** \version $Id: torservice.h 2362 2008-02-29 04:30:11Z edmanm $
** \brief Starts, stops, installs, and uninstalls a Tor service (Win32).


#include <QObject>
#include <QProcess>

#include <windows.h>
#define TOR_SERVICE_NAME "tor"
#define TOR_SERVICE_DISP "Tor Win32 Service"
  TEXT("Provides an anonymous Internet communication system.")

/* NT service function prototypes. This code is adapted from Tor's
 * nt_service_load_library() in main.c. See LICENSE for details on
 * Tor's license. */
typedef BOOL (WINAPI *ChangeServiceConfig2A_fn)(
                             SC_HANDLE hService,
                             DWORD dwInfoLevel,
                             LPVOID lpInfo);
typedef BOOL (WINAPI *CloseServiceHandle_fn)(
                             SC_HANDLE hSCObject);
typedef BOOL (WINAPI *ControlService_fn)(
                             SC_HANDLE hService,
                             DWORD dwControl,
                             LPSERVICE_STATUS lpServiceStatus);
typedef SC_HANDLE (WINAPI *CreateServiceA_fn)(
                             SC_HANDLE hSCManager,
                             LPCTSTR lpServiceName,
                             LPCTSTR lpDisplayName,
                             DWORD dwDesiredAccess,
                             DWORD dwServiceType,
                             DWORD dwStartType,
                             DWORD dwErrorControl,
                             LPCTSTR lpBinaryPathName,
                             LPCTSTR lpLoadOrderGroup,
                             LPDWORD lpdwTagId,
                             LPCTSTR lpDependencies,
                             LPCTSTR lpServiceStartName,
                             LPCTSTR lpPassword);
typedef BOOL (WINAPI *DeleteService_fn)(
                             SC_HANDLE hService);
typedef SC_HANDLE (WINAPI *OpenSCManagerA_fn)(
                             LPCTSTR lpMachineName,
                             LPCTSTR lpDatabaseName,
                             DWORD dwDesiredAccess);
typedef SC_HANDLE (WINAPI *OpenServiceA_fn)(
                             SC_HANDLE hSCManager,
                             LPCTSTR lpServiceName,
                             DWORD dwDesiredAccess);
typedef BOOL (WINAPI *QueryServiceStatus_fn)(
                             SC_HANDLE hService,
                             LPSERVICE_STATUS lpServiceStatus);
typedef BOOL (WINAPI *SetServiceStatus_fn)(SERVICE_STATUS_HANDLE,
typedef BOOL (WINAPI *StartServiceA_fn)(
                             SC_HANDLE hService,
                             DWORD dwNumServiceArgs,
                             LPCTSTR* lpServiceArgVectors);

/** Table of NT service related functions. */
00079 struct ServiceFunctions {
  bool loaded;
  ChangeServiceConfig2A_fn ChangeServiceConfig2A;
  CloseServiceHandle_fn    CloseServiceHandle;
  ControlService_fn        ControlService;
  CreateServiceA_fn        CreateServiceA;
  DeleteService_fn         DeleteService;
  OpenSCManagerA_fn        OpenSCManagerA;
  OpenServiceA_fn          OpenServiceA;
  QueryServiceStatus_fn    QueryServiceStatus;
  SetServiceStatus_fn      SetServiceStatus;
  StartServiceA_fn         StartServiceA;

class TorService : public QObject

  /** Returns if services are supported. */
  static bool isSupported();
  /** Dynamically loads NT service related functions from advapi32.dll. */
  static bool loadServiceFunctions();

  /** Default ctor. */
  TorService(QObject* parent = 0);
  /** Default dtor. */

  /** Returns true if the Tor service is installed. */
  bool isInstalled();
  /** Returns true if the Tor service is running. */
  bool isRunning();
  /** Starts the Tor service. Emits started on success. */
  void start();
  /** Stops the Tor service. Emits finished on success. */
  bool stop();
  /** Returns the exit code of the last Tor service that finished. */
  int exitCode();
  /** Returns the exit status of the last Tor service that finished. */
  QProcess::ExitStatus exitStatus();
  /** Installs the Tor service. */
  bool install(const QString &torPath, const QString &torrc,
               quint16 controlPort);
  /** Removes the Tor service. */
  bool remove();

  /** Called when the service gets started. */
  void started();
  /** Called when the service gets stopped. */
  void finished(int exitCode, QProcess::ExitStatus);
  /** Called when there is an error in starting the service. */
  void startFailed(QString error);

  /** Opens a handle to the Tor service. Returns NULL on error. */
  SC_HANDLE openService();
  /** Opens a handle to the service control manager. Returns NULL on error. */
  static SC_HANDLE openSCM();
  /** Closes the service <b>handle</b>. */
  static void closeHandle(SC_HANDLE handle);
  /** Gets the status of the Tor service. */
  DWORD status(); 

  /** Handle to the service control manager. */ 
  SC_HANDLE _scm;
  /** List of dynamically loaded NT service functions. */
  static ServiceFunctions _service_fns;


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