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**  This file is part of Vidalia, and is subject to the license terms in the
**  LICENSE file, found in the top level directory of this distribution. If you
**  did not receive the LICENSE file with this file, you may obtain it from the
**  Vidalia source package distributed by the Vidalia Project at
**  http://www.vidalia-project.net/. No part of Vidalia, including this file,
**  may be copied, modified, propagated, or distributed except according to the
**  terms described in the LICENSE file.

** \file mainwindow.h
** \version $Id: mainwindow.h 3276 2008-11-03 00:08:59Z edmanm $
** \brief Main (hidden) window. Creates tray menu and child windows


#include <QMainWindow>
#include <torcontrol.h>
#include <bootstrapstatusevent.h>

#include "vidaliawindow.h"
#include "tray/trayicon.h"
#include "about/aboutdialog.h"
#include "log/messagelog.h"
#include "bwgraph/bwgraph.h"
#include "config/configdialog.h"
#include "help/browser/helpbrowser.h"
#include "network/netviewer.h"
#include "ui_mainwindow.h"
#include "helperprocess.h"
#include "config.h"

#if defined(USE_MINIUPNPC)
#include "config/upnpcontrol.h"

class MainWindow : public VidaliaWindow

  /** Default constructor */
  /** Destructor. */

  /** Catches and processes Tor client status events. */
  virtual void customEvent(QEvent *event);

private slots:
  /** Displays the help browser and displays the most recently viewed help
   * topic. */
  void showHelpDialog();
  /** Called when a child window requests the given help <b>topic</b>. */
  void showHelpDialog(const QString &topic);
  /** Called when the user selects "Start" from the menu. */
  void start();
  /** Called when the Tor process fails to start. */
  void startFailed(QString errmsg);
  /** Called when the Tor process has successfully started. */
  void started();
  /** Called when the user selects "Stop" form the menu. */
  bool stop();
  /** Called when the Tor process has exited, either expectedly or not. */
  void stopped(int errorCode, QProcess::ExitStatus exitStatus);
  /** Called when the control socket has connected to Tor. */
  void connected();
  /** Called when the control connection fails. */
  void connectFailed(QString errmsg);
  /** Called when Vidalia wants to disconnect from a Tor it did not start. */
  void disconnect();
  /** Called when the control socket has been disconnected. */
  void disconnected();
  /** Called when Vidalia has successfully authenticated to Tor. */
  void authenticated();
  /** Called when Vidalia fails to authenticate to Tor. The failure reason is
   * specified in <b>errmsg</b>. */
  void authenticationFailed(QString errmsg);
  /** Re-enables the 'New Identity' button after a delay from the previous time
   * 'New Identity' was used. */
  void enableNewIdentity();
  /** Called when the user selects the "New Identity" action from the menu. */
  void newIdentity();
  /** Called when the user exits Vidalia. */
  void close();
  /** Called when the application has started and the main event loop is
   * running. */
  void running();
  /** Terminate the Tor process if it is being run under Vidalia, disconnect
   * all TorControl signals, and exit Vidalia. */
  void shutdown();
  /** Creates and displays Vidalia's About dialog. */
  void showAboutDialog();
  /** Creates and displays the Configuration dialog with the current page set
   * to <b>page</b>. */
  void showConfigDialog(ConfigDialog::Page page = ConfigDialog::General);
  /** Displays the Configuration dialog, set to the Server page. */
  void showServerConfigDialog();
  /** Called when the "show on startup" checkbox is toggled. */
  void toggleShowOnStartup(bool checked);
  /** Called when the web browser or IM client have stopped */
  void onSubprocessFinished(int exitCode, QProcess::ExitStatus exitStatus);
  /** Called web the web browser failed to start */
  void onBrowserFailed(QString errmsg);
  /** Called web the IM client failed to start */
  void onIMFailed(QString errmsg);
  /** Called when the proxy server fails to start */
  void onProxyFailed(QString errmsg);

#if defined(USE_MINIUPNPC)
  /** Called when a UPnP error occurs. */
  void upnpError(UPNPControl::UPNPError error);

  enum TorStatus {
    Unset,      /**< Tor's status has not yet been set. */
    Stopping,   /**< Tor is in the process of shutting down. */
    Stopped,    /**< Tor is not running. */
    Starting,   /**< Tor is in the process of starting. */
    Started,    /**< Tor is currently running. */
    Authenticating, /**< Vidalia is authenticating to Tor. */
    Authenticated,  /**< Vidalia has authenticated to Tor. */
    CircuitEstablished /**< Tor has built a circuit. */
  /** Create the actions on the tray menu or menubar */
  void createActions();
  /** Creates a tray icon with a context menu and adds it to the system
   * notification area. On Mac, we also set up an application menubar. */
  void createTrayIcon();
  /** Create the tray popup menu and it's submenus */
  QMenu* createTrayMenu();
  /** Creates a default menubar on Mac */
  void createMenuBar();
  /** Updates the UI to reflect Tor's current <b>status</b>. Returns the
   * previously set TorStatus value. */
  TorStatus updateTorStatus(TorStatus status);
  /** Starts the web browser, if appropriately configured */
  void startSubprocesses();
  /** Starts the proxy server, if appropriately configured */
  void startProxy();
  /** Converts a TorStatus enum value to a string for debug logging purposes. */
  QString toString(TorStatus status);
  /** Authenticates Vidalia to Tor's control port. */
  bool authenticate();
  /** Searches for and attempts to load the control authentication cookie.
   * This assumes the cookie is named 'control_auth_cookie'. If
   * <b>cookiePath</b> is empty, this method will search some default locations
   * depending on the current platform. <b>cookiePath</b> can point to either
   * a cookie file or a directory containing the cookie file. */
  QByteArray loadControlCookie(QString cookiePath = QString());
  /** Called when Tor has successfully established a circuit. */
  void circuitEstablished();
  /** Checks the status of the current version of Tor to see if it's old,
   * unrecommended, or obsolete. */
  void checkTorVersion();
  /** Called when Tor thinks its version is old or unrecommended, and displays
   * a message notifying the user. */
  void dangerousTorVersion();
  /** Called when Tor's bootstrapping status changes. <b>bse</b> represents
   * Tor's current estimate of its bootstrapping progress. */
  void bootstrapStatusChanged(const BootstrapStatus &bs);
  /** Sets the visibility of the startup status description and progress bar
   * to <b>visible</b>. */
  void setStartupProgressVisible(bool visible);
  /** Sets the progress bar completion value to <b>progressValue</b> and sets
   * the status text to <b>description</b>. */
  void setStartupProgress(int percentComplete, const QString &description);

  /** The current status of Tor. */
  TorStatus _status;
  /** Used to determine if the Tor process exiting was intentional or not */
  bool _isIntentionalExit;
  /** Tracks whether we started a delayed server shutdown. */
  bool _delayedShutdownStarted;
  /** Set to true if Vidalia started its own Tor process. */
  bool _isVidaliaRunningTor;
  /** A MessageLog object which handles logging Tor messages */
  MessageLog* _messageLog;
  /** A BandwidthGraph object which handles monitoring Tor bandwidth usage */
  BandwidthGraph* _bandwidthGraph;
  /** A NetViewer object which displays the Tor network graphically */
  NetViewer* _netViewer;
  /** A ConfigDialog object which lets the user configure Tor and Vidalia */
  ConfigDialog* _configDialog;
  /** A TorControl object that handles communication with Tor */
  TorControl* _torControl;
  /** A HelperProcess object that manages the web browser */
  HelperProcess* _browserProcess;
  /** A HelperProcess object that manages the IM client */
  HelperProcess* _imProcess;
  /** A HelperProcess object that manages the proxy server */
  HelperProcess* _proxyProcess;
  /** Remembers the control password between when we start Tor with a hash of
   * the password and when we need to provide the password itself. */
  QString _controlPassword;
  /** Set to true if we should use the control password saved in TorSettings
   * when authenticating to Tor. */
  bool _useSavedPassword;
  /** The Vidalia icon that sits in the tray. */
  TrayIcon _trayIcon;
  /** Defines the actions for the tray menu */
  QAction* _controlPanelAct;
  QAction* _startStopAct;
  QAction* _configAct;
  QAction* _aboutAct;
  QAction* _exitAct;
  QAction* _bandwidthAct;
  QAction* _messageAct;
  QAction* _helpAct;
  QAction* _networkAct;
  QAction* _newIdentityAct;

  Ui::MainWindow ui; /**< Qt Designer generated object. */


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