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**  This file is part of Vidalia, and is subject to the license terms in the
**  LICENSE file, found in the top level directory of this distribution. If 
**  you did not receive the LICENSE file with this file, you may obtain it
**  from the Vidalia source package distributed by the Vidalia Project at
**  http://www.vidalia-project.net/. No part of Vidalia, including this file,
**  may be copied, modified, propagated, or distributed except according to
**  the terms described in the LICENSE file.

** \file controlconnection.h
** \version $Id: controlconnection.h 2838 2008-07-06 22:43:48Z edmanm $
** \brief A connection to Tor's control interface, responsible for sending and
** receiving commands and events


#include <QThread>
#include <QMutex>
#include <QQueue>
#include <QWaitCondition>
#include <QTimer>
#include <QHostAddress>

#include "eventtype.h"
#include "controlsocket.h"
#include "torevents.h"
#include "sendcommandevent.h"

class ControlConnection : public QThread

  /** Control connection status */
  enum Status {
    Unset,         /**< Control connection status is not yet set. */
    Disconnected,  /**< Control connection disconnected.     */
    Disconnecting, /**< Control connection is disconnecting. */
    Connecting,    /**< Control connection attempt pending.  */
    Connected      /**< Control connection established.      */

  /** Default constructor. */
  ControlConnection(TorEvents *events = 0);
  /** Destructor. */

  /** Connect to the specified Tor control interface. */
  void connect(const QHostAddress &addr, quint16 port);
  /** Cancels a pending control connection to Tor. */
  void cancelConnect();
  /** Disconnect from Tor's control interface. */
  void disconnect();
  /** Returns true if the control socket is connected to Tor. */
  bool isConnected();
  /** Returns the status of the control connection. */
  Status status();
  /** Sends a control command to Tor and waits for the reply. */
  bool send(const ControlCommand &cmd, ControlReply &reply, QString *errmsg = 0);
  /** Sends a control command to Tor and does not wait for a reply. */
  bool send(const ControlCommand &cmd, QString *errmsg = 0);

  /** Emitted when a control connection has been established. */
  void connected();
  /** Emitted when a control connection has been closed. */
  void disconnected();
  /** Emitted when a control connection fails. */
  void connectFailed(QString errmsg);

private slots:
  /** Connects to Tor's control interface. */
  void connect();
  /** Called when there is data on the control socket. */
  void onReadyRead();
  /** Called when the control socket is connected. */
  void onConnected();
  /** Called when the control socket is disconnected. */
  void onDisconnected();
  /** Called when the control socket encounters an error. */
  void onError(QAbstractSocket::SocketError error);

  /** Sets the control connection status. */
  void setStatus(Status status);
  /** Returns the string description of <b>status</b>. */
  QString statusString(Status status);
  /** Main thread implementation. */
  void run();

  ControlSocket* _sock; /**< Socket used to communicate with Tor. */
  TorEvents* _events; /**< Dispatches asynchronous events from Tor. */
  Status _status; /**< Status of the control connection. */
  QHostAddress _addr; /**< Address of Tor's control interface. */
  quint16 _port; /**< Port of Tor's control interface. */
  QMutex _connMutex; /**< Mutex around the control socket. */
  QMutex _recvMutex; /**< Mutex around the queue of ReceiveWaiters. */
  QMutex _statusMutex; /**< Mutex around the connection status value. */
  int _connectAttempt; /**< How many times we've tried to connect to Tor while
                            waiting for Tor to start. */
  QTimer* _connectTimer; /**< Timer used to delay connect attempts. */

  /** Private class used to wait for a response to a control command. */
00109   class ReceiveWaiter {
      /** Default constructor. */
00112       ReceiveWaiter() { _status = Waiting; }
      /** Waits for and gets the reply from a control command. */
      bool getResult(ControlReply *reply, QString *errmsg = 0);
      /** Sets the result and reply from a control command. */
      void setResult(bool success, const ControlReply &reply, 
                     const QString &errmsg = QString());
      /** Status of the receive waiter. */
00120       enum ReceiveStatus { Waiting, Failed, Success } _status;
00121       ControlReply _reply; /**< Reply to a previous command. */
00122       QMutex _mutex; /**< Mutex around the wait condition. */
00123       QWaitCondition _waitCond; /**< Waits for a control rpely. */
00124       QString _errmsg; /**< Error message if the reply fails. */
  QQueue<ReceiveWaiter *> _recvQueue; /**< Objects waiting for a reply. */
  SendCommandEvent::SendWaiter* _sendWaiter;


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