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TorSettings Class Reference

#include <torsettings.h>

Inheritance diagram for TorSettings:

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Detailed Description

Manages Tor-specific settings, such as location, command-line arguments, and control interface information.

Definition at line 27 of file torsettings.h.

Public Types

enum  AuthenticationMethod { NullAuth, CookieAuth, PasswordAuth, UnknownAuth }

Public Member Functions

bool apply (QString *errmsg=0)
virtual bool changedSinceLastApply () const
AuthenticationMethod getAuthenticationMethod () const
QHostAddress getControlAddress () const
QString getControlPassword () const
quint16 getControlPort () const
QString getDataDirectory () const
QString getExecutable () const
QString getGroup () const
QString getTorrc () const
QString getUser () const
virtual void revert ()
void setAuthenticationMethod (AuthenticationMethod method)
void setChanged (bool changed)
void setControlAddress (const QHostAddress &addr)
void setControlPassword (const QString &password)
void setControlPort (quint16 port)
void setDataDirectory (const QString &dataDir)
void setExecutable (const QString &torExecutable)
void setGroup (const QString &group)
void setTorrc (const QString &torrc)
void setUser (const QString &user)
void setUseRandomPassword (bool useRandomPassword)
 TorSettings (TorControl *torControl=0)
bool useRandomPassword () const
virtual QVariant value (const QString &key, const QVariant &defaultVal=QVariant()) const

Static Public Member Functions

static QString hashPassword (const QString &password)
static QString randomPassword ()
static void reset ()

Protected Member Functions

QMap< QString, QVariant > allSettings () const
QVariant defaultValue (const QString &key) const
bool isEmptyValue (const QVariant &value) const
virtual QVariant localValue (const QString &key) const
void setDefault (const QString &key, const QVariant &val)
virtual void setValue (const QString &key, const QVariant &value)
TorControl * torControl () const
virtual QVariant torValue (const QString &key) const
virtual QVariant value (const QString &key) const

Private Member Functions

AuthenticationMethod toAuthenticationMethod (const QString &authMethod) const
QString toString (AuthenticationMethod type) const

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